Sunday, 11 December 2011

Rum Balls

These are rich, more like truffles but sooo good. And they make excellent presents!

Rum Balls


450g vegan dark chocolate (I used Kinnerton)
2/3 cup vegan margarine (I used Nuttalex)
1 egg replacer (I used No Egg)
1 1/4 cup icing sugar (sifted)
1/2 cup rum (I used 1/4 cup of OP rum)
1 tsp instant coffee (optional, I didn't use this)
Cocoa or chocolate sprinkle to cover (I used Lieber's vegan chocolate sprinkles)


Melt chocolate however you like. I like to melt it in a bowl over some boiling water on the stove. (Note, wear gloves when holding the bowl or you might get a steam burn.)
Using an electric mixer cream the margarine then slowly add in the melted chocolate.
Blend in egg replacer and icing sugar.
Once blending slowing add rum continuing to mix.
Pour mixture into a bowl or container and leave in fridge for a few hours till hard.
When set, spoon out a tablespoon of mixture and roll in your palms and then into the desired covering.
Don't worry that they melt a bit in your hands because they will set again afterwards.
Store in a container in the freezer until needed.

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