Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Few of My Favourite Vegan Things...

I apologise for not blogging much of late but I hadn't forgotten you. With this Beachbody challenge in it's 8th week (out of 10) I haven't had a lot to blog about! But I have purchased some new items to rant about. You are very welcome ;)

Cook Books

Found some great vegan books on Amazon!

"Cookin' Crunk" by Bianca Phillips is all about dirty southern cooking - YUM
"Artisian Vegan Cheese" by Miyoko Schinner is all about getting your vegan cheese on!
"Japanese Cooking" by Miyoko Schinner is traditional and contemporary Japanese...vegan style!
"Babycakes" by Erin McKenna - is vegan and mostly gluten free baking...mmm caaaake


I am loving this Organic Ville Foods pasta sauces and salsas! It's the only one readily available in the supermarket that has no sugar so it's completely vegan!

Equal Exchange couldn't be a nicer company with it's fair trade, organic and small farming ways. Well it could be...unfortunately not all their vegan chocolate is vegan. These 55% cacao minis are AMAZING and 25c each. I wish they made them in a normal size bar but alas they do not.

Ok I know I mentioned Omission Gluten Free Beer before, I know this. But it's just so good and gluten free and vegan that I wanted to share again :)
I find the Pale Ale too bitter but the Lager is JUST RIGHT....mmmm

I've been serving up Gardein brand to the kids for ages cause they really think it's chicken...he he he and I myself had to watch the enjoyment from the sidelines as how they are made with wheat gluten.
Well no longer! They have just released a vegan ground beef that is gluten free as well and super tasty. Loving having this on hand in the freezer!

Following the vegan AND gluten free meat flow, Beyond Meat has a few different selections of faux chicken that I have only just discovered. I think they are delicious and you've got to love a product where you understand what every ingredient is! They are already cooked so you can eat cold or heat them up, they even pull apart stringy like chicken. They also make faux ground beef. fantastic product, fantastic company!

You know I have to admit I haven't tried these yet but I'm excited! Sol Cuisine seems to have a great range of vegan products and from what I've seen on their website ALL gluten free too! Hope to find more of their products around soon!

Naturade has a range of vegan protein powders called Vegan Smart full of all kinds of proteins, nutrients and mineral. I've been enjoying the chocolate (also comes in vanilla and chai) and it's really good and not very expensive which also makes it a winner to my cheap ass!

Qrunch makes these breaded quinoa burgers in several flavours. They are delicious! All the ingredients are organic and natural and ALL vegan and gluten free...hooray! BEST part about these guys is that you can put them frozen straight into a toaster. Yep you heard me, no waiting for the oven to heat up or having to defrost them before frying. Awesome!

I found this brand of pasta at Wholefoods and what is great about it is the range. Most of the vegan/gluten free pastas I have found come in spaghetti, penne or spirals. Tinkyada makes so many different types and I especially love these large pasta shells that you can fill and bake. And for brown rice pasta is actually holds together really well, no falling apart. Nice.

Skin Care & Beauty

 Dr Mercola makes a HUGE range of natural and vegan products. I love his vegan dental floss but I really love his range of women's hygiene products, there are even breast pads for those lactating women out there! I buy online in bulk...I mean you're always going to need them right!
I found it very hard in the USA to find a brand that was 100% natural cotton and not made in China so this was a great find for me! 

EO makes beautiful natural products. I discovered them at a natural spring spa in Boise, ID. Their deodorant and particularly their bubble bath I LOVE. It's scent is so relaxing!

I love Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Moisture Gel but at $24 a 60ml tube it's pretty pricey. I found it great in Australia where it was humid and I had very oily skin but in Utah where it's ridiculously dry it doesn't really give me anything. I've really been enjoying Yes to Carrots Daily Facial Moistuizer with SPF 15 and the Yes to Bluerries Daily Facial Moisturizer and at $15 for 50ml it's more in my price bracket!

I find it very hard to get a vegan toothpaste with fluoride. And I want fluoride. I have really been enjoying Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste (which comes in a fluoride and non-fluoride version). There's a company who knows their market! Plus ALL their products are vegan. I've also been trying out their Active Life Deodorant. I have been liking it so far. IDK about everyone else but I stink, well at least I think I do at the end of the day so I still haven't found one that I super love but this was has been ok so far.

I am loving Derma E's BB Creme. It goes on smooth, has great coverage and lasts all day. And BB creme is supposed to be good for your skin too...right?? It's not super cheap at around $40 but I don't think any BB cremes are and this one is a good product...and vegan!

Ok so I tried my hand at sugaring and it worked ok but clearly my hair needs a little extra. I really like Moom brand which is vegan, and technically it has all the same natural ingredients as sugaring but obviously they have the formula down! I actually buy the men's one because it comes in a large container and without all the accessories that I already have. I'm sure it's the same ingredients, and if not who cares. It works :)

We all know and love Pacifica as vegan perfume brand but their Sea Foam Facial Wash is fantastic. It cleanses so well and really gets rid of all make up, even my favourite mascara which I found was a real bitch to get off! I swear it's a waterproof one in disguise... You might remember my post on Tarte Cosmetics - Amazonian Clay Mascara. LOVE IT!!

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