Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Moab, Utah

I just spent four days in Moab, Utah seeing the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks...stunning!

But I wanted to talk about the food situation.
So we started out in Green River because it was much cheaper. We discovered why it was so's an hour each way to Moab and the choice of food in Green River was terrible!!
The two places I that came up as having vegan options definitely did not!

Green River Cafe looked promising, only to discover that they only do eggs and they do them under the steamer of their coffee machine - they don't even have a stove. WTF???
La Veracruzana was a Mexican restaurant where the owners were lovely but didn't speak much English. I thought maybe I could get some good food though. The rice was ok but they didn't even use avocados in their guacamole! It was like the store bought guac - gross!!

So we ended up forking out for a larger amount and stayed at the Super 8 in Moab - which was surprisingly very nice!

I had dinner at the Peace Tree Cafe, they didn't really have anything so I had the salad sandwich which was actually really nice (homemade hummus and avocado) except that I found out later that their GF bread had eggs in it :( FAIL

Next I tried a random Mexican place called El Ranchito at the other end of Main Street, next to a Chinese take out place. The guy there was super nice and made me a vegetable fajita plate and REAL guacamole! It was actually pretty good.
Sorry I ate it so quickly I didn't get a picture LOL

I had Thai for dinner (I had wanted to try Sabaku Sushi but they were full) at Singha Thai. The waiters were lovely, the owner was rude as f**k! I've come not to expect too much from Thai in America and I wasn't disappointed! I had the Tofu Massamam which was ok - it was really salty and Massamam is normally sweetish. But at least they had vege options at every stage and they had my favourite beer...Tsing Tao!

The next morning I went to the Eklecticafe and had them make something up for and it was pretty good - tofu scramble with potatoes and GF toast with avocado - until I realized they used that same brand bread with the eggs in it ARGH!!! They also are only open for breakfast and lunch.

For dinner on the last night I just went to the supermarket on Main Street and got myself and Amy's GF/vegan mini pizza cause we had an oven in the hotel room. I added some pineapple and voila!
Definitely would have been better baked but what are you gonna do?

I found this delicious and healthy-ish vegan bar at the supermarket...for desserts ;)

The next morning Mum desperately wanted to go to Denny's because she hadn't been there since the 70's. Denny's, IHOP, Waffle House & Cracker Barrel are all really good at making you stuff up if you like. If I have to go to one of these place (and when you're on the road, let's face it, sometimes you do) I ALWAYS get them to make me two serves of hash browns using vegetable oil and vegetables mixed in. Waffle House does one with jalapenos...mmmmm. Denny's put their veges on the side but it is still delicious!

My last stop before leaving Moab was the Love Muffin Cafe, the one that I'd been waiting to try. They close at 1pm so I had missed them previously. The place was packed and I got a delicous GF vegan muffin which was apple, carrot, cinnamon and walnut I think? It was moist on the inside and chewy on the outside...So good. They also have GF vegan waffles and soy/almond milk on the menu so I think that is probably a better place to start on my next Moab adventure! (Although I do have to mention the server was lovely but the coffee bitch was well...a bitch LOL)

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