Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beach Body 10 Week Program Completed!

So I finally finished the Beach Body - Focus T-25 10 Week Challenge. It was recommended by a friend of mine who had amazing results doing the challenge.
I have to admit although I was so motivated in the first 4 weeks, once I got towards the middle my mojo started to wan because I wasn't seeing the results I expected to.
Having a FB group that my friend Lizzie made was really helpful and kept me on track.
Misery loves company LOL! Seeing real people's results really keeps you motivated!
Lizzie was amazing and invaluable during the whole challenge and being a nutritionist was able to help me with food related questions too.
If you decide to give this or any other Beach Body challenges a try please sign Lizzie up as your coach.
Her coach ID is 318895.

My goal weight was 125lbs but if I've learned anything from this challenge it's that scales really don't matter. When you start putting on muscle you won't show that differently on the scales, you'll just look and feel different! 


                                          BEFORE  (Feb 2014)        AFTER (May 2014)
                                          Lbs:136                            Lbs:128
                                          Chest:35"                        Chest:34"
                                          Waist:35"                        Waist:32"
                                          Hips:39"                           Hips:37"
                                          Thighs:22.5"                    Thighs:21.5"
                                          Arms:12"                        Arms:11"

All the meals for the first 6 weeks or so were from the meal planner on the Beach Body website. I chose the vegetarian option and then substituted items to make it vegan and gluten free. I really enjoyed the meals they recommended and that made it easy to stay on track.
Once I started using my own recipes I put them into a Fitness Pal app which gave the calories.
I was trying to stay between 1200-1400. Although as you may have seen I went over quite a few times. I found once I was working out so much that I was hungry all the time!
You don't have to buy anything to sign up to the website for free and get the recipes and use their online fitness tools so that's a bonus!

Here are all the blogs from each week with an account of the exercises regime and meal plan.

Once I got to Week 8 and hurt my back and I wasn't seeing a huge difference on the scales I started to lose momentum but then I went on a road trip to Southern Utah. The food choices weren't good and I couldn't do my workouts - sounds bleak so far I know. Anyway then during Week 9 I did the 3 mile hike to see the Delicate Arch at Arches National park and I couldn't believe how fit I was - just striding past everybody without even breaking a sweat. That topped with seeing myself in a full length mirror at the hotel really showed me what I had been working for.
I hadn't changed much on the scales because the muscle weight was replacing the fat weight. I looked toned and healthy and I actually was fit as well. I felt really motivated to keep going and finish but more than that - to stick with a healthy eating plan and workouts forever!
What I've learned is to not lose hope or beat yourself up - you will have bad days where you eat a whole bucket of ice-cream, you will want a wine time with the ladies, you will not want to do your workouts every now and then but that's no reason to give up. You just get back on the horse and it's ok. I think I've learned a bit about myself on this journey too - that I can do it if I set my mind to it...even when the beer is calling and I answer :)

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