Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween Bunting

Since having a beautiful sewing machine given to me last Xmas this lame child's shirt (see below-shameful!) was all I've been able to muster so I decided I needed to start practicing.
Bunting seemed like a pretty easy task so I started with that!

I bought a bunch of quarter yard pieces of Halloween themed material scraps, some pinking shears and some ribbed ribbon.

I made a template on a peice of paper, it was a diamond shape because I wanted a flap on top to turn over on the ribbon. Then I traced it onto all the different fabric and cut them out, using pinking shears on the "V" and just regular fabric scissors on the back part.

Then I decided where I wanted them on the ribbon and ironed the flap down and fasted it with a pin.

Then I used the sewing machine to run a line down the ribbon - during trial and error I discovered that the criss cross stitch to be the nicest to look at and easiest to use.

I sewed the ribbon together at the end to make a loop because I attached them to the wall with nails.

The End :)

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