Sunday, 26 October 2014

Retro Style Apron

For this Retro Style Apron I used the Simple Skirt Apron and then added the top from Meesha TV.

Retro Style Apron

Measurements from the Simple Skirt Apron plus the extra pieces are two 10"x10"x10"x8" (one for  front and one for lining) and a piece for the neck tie (size will vary from person to person).

Start with the skirt part, instructions here.

Go as far as the pulling the pleats in and then stop.

Measure out a piece of fabric for however long you want the neck strap to be.
fold pattern side in and iron. Sew down with a 1/2" seam and trim. Turn in the correct way and iron flat.

Place the two top pieces together (pattern side inside) and sew a line down the three 10" sides leaving the  8" side open.

Turn inside out (the pattern should now be showing) and iron flat.
Sew the straps on in the desired place turning the fabric over at the raw ends to give it a nicer finish.

Sew top onto the back of skirt.

Take the two tie pieces and sew your seam down and angled. 

Trim, turn inside out and iron flat.

Attach the raw ends of the ties the waist a few inches in from the smaller piece if skirt fabric.

Sew into place using a similar colour thread.

Take the two waist pieces of material and fold and sew along the seams. Trim, turn inside out and iron flat.
Sew the front piece onto the skirt to cover the raw edges at the top of the skirt and to slightly over the edges of the ties, tucking the sides in for a neat finish.
Repeat with the second piece on the back of the skirt to cover the skirt's raw edges.
Trim all loose threads and you're done!

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