Sunday, 5 October 2014

Syracuse Farmers Market

So any farmers market you can get to is amazing...fresh locally grown food straight from the farmer to you is not only healthier and fresher but you cut out all the transportation, storing etc so it's cheaper for you and better for the environment! I love the farmers market for many reasons-fresh & local produce aside, you get to meet awesome people, you get out of the house and your fruit and vegetable bill is much smaller.

I go to the Syracuse Farmers Market in Utah because it's the closest one to me, open between July and September every year.

The longest green beans I've ever seen!

There's a guy who makes boxes and frames from old wood. They are so lovely!

These are handmade flowers made from recycled wood - amazing!

My favourite stall - this guy has won awards for his onions. Always my first stop!

These are lemon cucumbers - taste the same as regular cucumbers but have a lovely yellow colour.

 Cute mini pumpkins I used for outdoor Halloween decoration.

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