Sunday, 26 October 2014

Girlie Apron

This pattern I got from Fleece Fun, you can just go to her website and download it for free onto regular A4 paper and put it together. YouTube video here.

Girlie Apron

Cut out the measurements as per the pattern.

Take the two skirt pieces of fabric and turn up 1/2" twice  at the bottom and hem separately.

Place both pieces together, pattern sides out. Sew both pieces at the top raw edge. 

Pin the two top pieces together, pattern side in. Sew around neckline, under arms and sides with a 1/2" hemline. Leave the strap sections and bottom open.

Trim, turn inside out and iron flat.

Sew top half to bottom half so that the seam is on the inside. Trim and iron flat.

Fold over the sides  of skirt 1/2" twice and sew the two pieces together in the one hemline. 
Sides and top will be attached but the bottom side should be separate.

This is what your apron should look like now.

Attach a piece of ribbed ribbon to the back of the apron, covering the seam between the top and bottom pieces. Pin in place tucking under the end pieces.
Sew along both sides.

As you can see I did a very messy job but luckily its the back of the apron ;)

Tuck under the neckline pieces and feed in the ribbed ribbon ties. 
Attach the ribbed ribbon waist tie to the front of the apron, covering the seam between the top and bottom pieces.
Pin all ribbons in place and sew along sides.

Finish the apron by sewing the ends of the ribbons to prevent fraying.

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