Sunday, 26 October 2014

Simple Apron

I've been going a bit nuts with the sewing machine lately. I'm only just learning but I'm enjoying it so much I want to make things all the time. And by "things" I mean simple projects to ease me into the craft! This simple apron pattern was given to me by a woman at a fabric store. It's a great first project and a great apron style for a man or BBQ. 

Simple Apron

Materials you will need

32" x 34" pieces of fabric (two - one for the front and one for the lining).
If you want to add a pocket at the front then you'll need some extra material, approx 20"-30" x 10", just double hemmed 1/2" along all four sides.
Ribbed ribbon - 60", 13" 2x 22" (obviously if you prefer to use fabric for the ties then just use the same amount of fabric as ribbon but thicker so you can sew and turn inside out)


Take the two 32" x 34" pieces of fabric and place them exactly on top of each other.
 From the top two corners measure inwards 10 1/2" and mark.
From the top corners measure down 10 1/2" and mark. Draw a line down connecting the two points on each corner and cut. 

If you are adding a pocket then you would want to sew it onto the patterned side at this point before connecting the lining. You can measure 11" from both the ends of the pockets and stitch down in those two spots to create three separate pockets. 

With pattern and lining fabric laid on top of each other perfectly and with patters facing in, pin down the sides and corners. Sew down the side and corner of the apron connecting the lining. Trim, turn in side out and iron flat. Turn the bottom and top opening hems in towards each other and pin in place, ironing flat.

Using the length of ribbon desired for the neck tie (I used 2x 22") place the end of the ribbon inside the hems where desired and pin in place. Sew the seams of the top and bottom closed.
Place the 13" piece of ribbon over the top edge of the apron and pin into place, tucking the ends behind.
Sew down the edges of the ribbon using a similar color thread.
Using the 60" piece of ribbon place across waist and in into place. Sew along both sides of the ribbon.
Finish the project by sewing the ends of the ribbon back slightly to prevent fraying.

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