Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween Totes

Obviously you could use this for any tote, I just happen to be making Halloween themed ones for my girls. I think they turned out really well considering it was only my third time using the sewing machine - clearly they are very easy!

I bought 1 yard of the candy corn material and 0.6 yards of the pictured material and that had two different pictures. I made two bags with that amount.

Halloween Tote
(Makes 1 bag)

What you need;
1/2 yard of patterned fabric (candy corn)
1 fabric picture
2x 22"x4" fabric (for the handles)
Filling (if you want your picture to puff out) - I used Crafter's Choice Polyester Fiberfill
fabric scissors
sewing machine
a piece of cardboard for the base of the tote (optional)


1. First cut the fabric for your bag and the lining, cutting them together will ensure the exact same size.

2. Cut the handles to size if not already correct.
I made the handles first.
Fold handle fabric in half longways, pattern side in and iron them flat.
Sew down the edges of the fabric and then turn the fabric inside out (which is really the patterned side up). 
Iron the handles flat and set aside.

3. Grab the patterned fabric and fold in half, pattern side in and iron.

Turn back out flat and grab the picture fabric.

 Cut the corners off the side of the picture fabric so that you can fold them back behind the picture.

 Iron in place.

 Pin in place on the patterned fabric and sew down every side but one. 

If you are not using stuff then you can sew all sides.
Push in the stuffing to how you like it and sew down the final side.

4. Fold the patterned fabric in half again, pattern side in, and pin the left and right side together.
Sew those sides together.

Fold the bottom sides in an perpendicular angle to the sides and pin.
Sew them together and turn the bag inside out so the pattern is on the outside.
Repeat the step 4 for the lining.

5. Place lining inside the bag, seams should be facing each other.
If you like you can place a piece of cardboard or plastic in before you put in the lining to flatten the bottom.

 Fold the lining and the patterned fabric in towards each so they both have a hem and iron before pinning together.

  Before sewing place the handles in between the hems wherever you'd like them to be and pin in place.
Leave a small gap on either side of the hems where the seams meet and you can sew this last.
Run the sewing machine over the hems and the handles.
If you like you can make an "X" over the handles to ensure they will hold heavy items.

 6. Lastly pin together the end hems and sew together.

Cut all lose threads and feel proud :) 

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