Sunday, 26 October 2014

New Vegan Products - October 2014

Ok so some of these products may not be new but they are newly discovered items to me!

I am loving this natural deodorant "Death by Lavender" by North Coast Organics. It's a little bit scratchy but softens once it is warmed up by your skin...and it works!
They just released a new offering "Al Sol" which i will definitely be trying after this one runs out.

Hubby brought this home for me, Dark Chocolate Almond Milk by Silk - delicious!!!

I am always on the hunt for new vegan protein powders to try - I have them in a smoothie every morning so they have to taste good. Dr. Mercola's Vegan Protein - Cinnamon I have bought three times in a row now because I love it and I find the flavor so versatile. I haven't tried the chocolate or vanilla but I'm loving the cinnamon. I also use their vegan dental floss.

Road's End Organics Dairy Free Penne & Cheese. This was pretty good for a vegan cheese product - as far as instant Mac n Cheese goes. I definitely think the kids will like it.
I added pesto to mine and ate the whole thing like the disgusting pig I am ;)

I keep looking out for gluten free Gardein products - there aren't very many unfortunately because my whole family loves the products and I have to east separately! I found these gluten free black bean burgers - they were pretty good I have to say!

I have only tried these two flavors so far but Miyoko's Creamery vegan nut cheese are AMAZEBALLS!!! Even hubby loved them and he hates all vegan cheese. I'm super excited about trying ALL the flavors. Just when I thought I was past my cheese addiction!

I was super excited when I saw gluten free vegan "chicken" strips by Simply Balanced (Target brand) but they were very disappointing. They are very soy tasting and very bland. The sauces were ok though. Good for an easy to put together meal but definitely won't be a staple. Back to the look out!

My husband bought a few different flavors of these instant gluten free vegan oats by Modern Oats and there were delicious. An easy instant breakfast! I added a small amount of blueberry agave to mine but I needed a bit more sweetness.

Ok this is one for the ladies. I was a bit weird about the idea of recycling menstrual pads but it makes sense on an environmental level alone. I got these ones from Bamboo Mama on Amazon and I just recently had my first experience using them. I was surprised how easy and ungross it really was. I just rinsed them as soon as I could and left them soaking in a bucket of warm water and oxy soak/nappy soak until I used the very last one and then sprayed them with stain spray and then put on a gently cycle and air dried. They were surprisingly comfortable too, definitely more so than regular pads. I felt a lot better for using them too - ethically speaking. Every little bit helps right!

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