Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cruelty Free Festival Sydney

Sunday 30th October is the Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney at Belmore Park, Haymarket.

About the Festival

Find out how to save animals at the 2011 Sydney Cruelty Free Living Festival on Sunday 30th October. Come along for a fun-filled day of live entertainment and discover which companies test on animals, learn how to volunteer with an animal rescue group, sponsor a rescued moon-bear or baby orang-utan, try delicious vegan food, adopt a homeless cat or dog, join an animals rights group and much more.

Centrally located Belmore Park in Haymarket will be the setting for the Festival.

What is the Cruelty Free Festival?

The Cruelty Free Festival is a free, outdoor, community event that aims to bring animal cruelty and welfare issues to the public in a fun, festival environment.

This annual event is hosted by Animal Liberation NSW that aims to encourage people to make simple changes in their everyday lives to help save animals; changes such as buying products that haven’t been tested on animals, kinder dietary choices, fostering or adopting homeless animals, getting involved with and supporting animal rights, welfare, protection groups and charities.

We really value and depend on the support of sponsors and stallholders to bring this fabulous day to you each year!

The Cruelty Free Festival is now firmly established as an outdoor community event held in Sydney’s Belmore Park, next to Central Station. This park is highly visible and accessible with excellent public transport links close by. The festival comprises of live bands, musicians, singers, MC’s and other live performances all day, a workshop marquee for cooking demos, yoga, dance lessons, speakers and other fun activities. There’s a licensed bar, a food hall section, kids entertainment and over 60 stalls to create a vibrant, fun-filled festival atmosphere.

The Festival is first and foremost a public education event but also acts as a fundraiser for Animal Liberation NSW and the other animal rights, rescue and welfare groups who attend. Animal Liberation NSW is a not-for-profit charity group who campaign for the rights of all animals.

Festival Goals

• Public education and awareness about animal cruelty issues at a non-confrontational, fun, festival setting.
• To allow producers and retailers of cruelty free products, services and foods to promote their products to their target audience.
• To encourage people to change their lifestyle habits to reduce animal exploitation by purchasing products that have not been tested on animals and are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF).
• To demystify the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and allow people to see it as a viable, socially acceptable lifestyle choice that is better for their health, the environment and animals.
• To allow animal rights groups to reach the public with their educational material and to provide them with a fundraising opportunity.
• To use publicity generated by the festival to increase the general public’s awareness of, and prompt discussion about, animal rights issues and a vegan lifestyle.

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