Sunday, 7 August 2011

Korean Night Out

Don't you love when your friends ask you to go out for dinner and you spend time researching what you can eat there and then you turn up and they've decided to go somewhere else? Well this is what happened on Friday night. We ended up in a back alley heading to the hidden Korean BBQ Mecca in Sydney CBD.

We went to O Bal Tan and although there was nothing (and I mean nothing) vegetarian on the menu they were very nice and said they could make any dish vegetarian. So I went for the vegetable hot pot which normally has beef and egg also.

They bring you lots of side dishes for free which I thought was pretty cool and I was really enjoying my veg hot pot until I got near the end when tragedy struck. I found little bits of beef mince in amongst the rice. I was a little disgusted thinking about whether I had ingested any already. The manager came to the table though and was very apologetic. She said they had been very busy and she gave me the dish for free and were more than willing to make me a new one as well.

I'm hoping that the beef I found was all there was, like it was premade and they just scooped it out but missed a couple. It turned me off the place a little but the "unsuspecting" food I had before the incident was really good, the service was fast (you press a buzzer when you want them, awesome!), the atmosphere was good and it was all very cheap - $13 each meal including all the side dishes.

All in all it was a good night and even with "the incident" I think I'd still go back. Hmmm Kimchi...

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