Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vegan Yum Cha at Bodhi

On Sunday we went to see HP with some friends and afterwards one of them (who isn't vegan) suggested yum cha at Bodhi on the Park because they'd heard it was good. It was definitely worth the drive over the bridge!

It was a little more expensive than Green Gourmet yum cha where we normally go but the food was wonderful. Our non-vegan friends loved it. Even being gluten free there were loads of options (even for dessert) and they even made me gluten free spinach Gow Gee especially which I thought was very sweet of them and yummy.

It cost us about $30 each for 4 of us but we ate A LOT of food. So maybe it wasn't more expensive, maybe we just bought a lot more than usual...

We probably had over 10 savouries and I think 4 desserts. The atmosphere was lovely too, being outside looking over the park. Definitely will be going back there!

Sorry I didn't take any pictures but here's one from their website.

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