Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Manic Panic 80's Lipsticks

I just wanted to say how in love I am with Manic Panic cosmetics.
They do the best vegan mascara I have found but what i'm more inlove with at the moment is their lipsticks.

They've got the best colours, all vegan and all fabulous. They are so full and creamy I love them!!!

They are not available in Australia but you can buy online. I think I got 3 lipsticks (incl postage) for $24, so pretty good value.

They have the 80's collection at
and all Manic Panic products, including funky hair dyes at

Here are my favourites;

#1 Tainted Love - this is the colour I've been looking for. Bright red, with a slight orange tint. I love this colour!

#2 Vampire's Kiss - this is a great dark maroon red
This photo doesn't do it justice though, it's darker and redder than this.

#3 Mystic Heather - this is a pale pink/purple

They have a good range of colours, including black, brown, purple & blue.

I bought "Hot Hot Pink" but it was way too pink for me. It was like pink fluro zinc. This photo doesn't really show how pink it is. It's very fluro.


  1. thank you for this, had a hard time finding examples of the colors online elsewhere.

  2. You're welcome! Tainted Love is still my absolute favourite colour!